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Jimmie K.S. Wong


    Jimmie K.S. Wong

    Principal Partner

    Mr. Jimmie Wong is the founding and principal partner of Jimmie K. S. Wong & Partners, a large size and long established local law firm in Hong Kong. Mr. Wong is an experienced lawyer with over 20 years experience and wide spectrum of legal practice. He is a Trustee in Bankruptcy, appointed by the Banking Sector in Hong Kong. He is also the legal advisor of various notable organizations and institutions. Under the guidance and supervision of Mr. Jimmie Wong, the Commercial & Corporate Finance Department of the firm has engaged in various cross border merger & acquisition, fundraising, IPO projects and direct investment as well as general commercial, company secretarial and immigration practice.

     LL.B. (Hons) in University of Hong Kong (1986)
     PCLL in University of Hong Kong (1987)

     Solicitor of HKSAR (1989)
     Solicitor of Singapore (1995)
     Trustee in Bankruptcy(2004)
     Civil Celebrant of Marriages (2006)

    Path of Entrepreneurship(Started as Entrepreneur since 30 years of age)
    Founder of Jimmie K.S. Wong and Partners (formerly known as Jimmie Wong & Co.) (2001)

    Positions Held
     Principal Partner of Jimmie K.S. Wong and Partners
     CEO of Hong Kong I.V.A. Consultants Limited
     CEO of Hong Kong Debt Management Limited
     Chairman of HK Global Corporate Governance Limited
     Chairman and CEO of Beta Field Capital Limited

    Advisory Position
     District Advisor of International Bank of Asia (Hong Kong)
     Honorary Legal Advisor of Hong Kong Chamber of Professional Property Consultants Limited
     Director and Legal Advisor of H.K. Federation of Restaurants & Related Trades
     Legal Advisor of Junior Police Officers’ Association H.K.P.
     Honorary Legal Advisor of the Lift Underwriters Association of Hong Kong Limited
     Advisor of the Bachelor of Business Administration and Juris Doctor Program of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
     Member of the Insolvency Law Committee of the Law Society of Hong Kong
     Legal Advisor of Victoria Shanghai Academy
     Legal Advisor of Yan Mei (Miss Asia) Association Limited
     Legal Advisor of Hong Kong Southern District Community ASSN, LTD
     Legal Advisor of Hong Kong Jianxi Jiujiang Association

    Social activities
     Chairman of Hong Kong Association for the Development of Western China Limited
     Horary President of Hong Kong Jianxi Jiujiang Association
     Vice-president of China Overseas Friendship Association of Jiu Jiang City
     Director of China Overseas Friendship Association of Hu Nan Province
     Members of the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong
     Award Winner in Innovative Entrepreneur 2008 Series
     Honorary Chairman of the Education Fund of Economic and Trading Department of Guangdong University of Business Studies


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